Episode 41: Danger (Seeing White, Part 11)

June 28, 2017

For hundreds of years, the white-dominated American culture has raised the specter of the dangerous, violent black man. Host John Biewen tells the story of a confrontation with an African American teenager. Then he and recurring guest Chenjerai Kumanyika discuss that longstanding image – and its neglected flipside: white-on-black violence.

Photo: A police car near a mural of Freddie Gray in the Baltimore neighborhood where he lived. Photo by Matt Roth for the New York Times.


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2 comments on “Episode 41: Danger (Seeing White, Part 11)

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  1. Michael Lehman Jul 2, 2017

    When John facetiously said concerning the toll of slavery “I can hear some people saying, here they go again…” my mind said what makes any of us think that this subject shouldn’t be brought up to every generation from now until this country no longer exists?

  2. are there transcripts available for Deaf/hard-of-hearing folks?

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