Episode 34: On Crazy We Built a Nation (Seeing White, Part 4)

March 30, 2017

“All men are created equal.” Those words, from the Declaration of Independence, are central to the story that Americans tell about ourselves and our history. But what did those words mean to the man who actually wrote them? By John Biewen, with guest Chenjerai Kumanyika.

Image: Bronze Statue of Thomas Jefferson being erected in Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C., 1947. Photo credit: National Park Service.

Key sources for this episode:

Nell Irvin Painter, The History of White People

Ibram Kendi, Stamped from the Beginning

The Racial Equity Institute

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2 comments on “Episode 34: On Crazy We Built a Nation (Seeing White, Part 4)

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  1. Carol McClain Apr 7, 2017

    This series is great. Love the conversations and the references. I’ve listened to each episode three times (at least). Sharing with everyone I think is willing to learn. Thank you.

  2. Shelly Musgrove May 4, 2017


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