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Episode 20: Hearing Hiroshima

The word “Hiroshima” may bring to mind a black-and-white image of a mushroom cloud. It’s easy to forget that it’s an actual city with a million people and a popular baseball team. How did the... Read More
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Episode 18: “Close Relations”

The people we love have power—the power to upend our lives, or at least to make things interesting. Two stories of surprises, curveballs thrown by family members. Pieces by Qathi Hart and John Rash. Photo... Read More
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Episode 17: “Selected ShortDocs: Memory”

A quartet of very short works exploring memory – most inspired by Third Coast Audio Festival ShortDoc Challenges. Pieces by Ligaiya Romero, Madeline Miller, Nan Pincus, and John Biewen. Photo: Harper Biewen, right, and her... Read More
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